Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Safety Cover

We are in the process of designing a swimming pool safety cover that completly conceals the pool and would allow paving, grass, gravel, flower beds or even a log cabin or building on top.
Not only will this keep the pool completly safe but will offer the very best insulation. This will keep heating and chlorine costs to an absolute minimum.
The cover will be a hard cover in one two three or even four peices depending on individual requirements. As the pool could be completely hidden this may encourage clients to install pools where before they may have chosen against the idea because the pool would be taking up to much room.
Indoor pools could be converted to dance floors while out door pools could be patios or playing area.
We are offering an opportunity to have a cover installed at a fraction of the cost for our flagship project.
Simular products are available and selling for over 100k!  We are looking for a client who is intrested in the concept and we could offer this at a fraction of the costs.
Call today on 0203 2397758 to register your interest.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Skimmer Pool, Infinity Pool & Deck Level Pool Explained

Thought a pool was pool? Here we are talking about the design of a pool and how it looks and appears. this has nothing to do with how its constructed. we can build any of the below pools with a liner system concrete style and they are also available fibreglass style too.

A Skimmer Pool has letter box openings or skimmer/s built into the side of the pool walls. The water is filled to just over halfway up the skimmer then the circulation pump pulls water through the skimmers keeping the pool surface clean. 
The skimmer pool is the 'original' if you like and this is most common style of pool constructed today.

Skimmer Pool

A Deck Level or level deck pool is named this simply because the water comes right to the top of the pool  level with the surround, Hence a deck level swimming pool.
A deck level swimming pool is harder to build than normal skimmer pool as an overflow tank has to constructed for the water to overflow into.  Basically the circulation pump pulls the water from the overflow tank pushs it into the pool making the pool appear to be constantly overflowing.
Deck level pools need to be installed perfectly and absolutly level otherwise it will not work. water is the best level so if the pool wall heights aren't correct it will show up imediatly.
Deck level pools use to only appear in hotels and gyms but we are installing more and more in domestic situations.

Deck Level Pool

Infinty pool or Infinity Edge Pool These are called infinity pools as the water appears to go on into the horizon, infinty pools only work if you have the right levels and the right back drop to begin with. basicaly one (or two) of the pool edges allow the water to pass over and into an overflow tank, from there its pumped back into the pool, the top of the infinty edge is lost with water passing over it giving the impresion of a never ending pool.
As with a deck level pool the wall heights have to be perfect to create the desired effect.

Infinity Pool

Friday, 18 March 2011

Calorex Variheat

The main problem with indoor pools is the amount of condensation that the pool generates. The solution is to always keep the ambient air tempreture in the room hotter than the pool tempreture and this should eliminate the pool from evaporating and reduce condensation.
We would recomend using a Calorex Variheat, these units can be built to heat the pool water, heat the ambient air tempreture in the building, and dehumidify the room all in one.
The units are usually specified at the start of a project but we have known them to retro fitted to existing pool buildings. They draw air into the unit then desperse the air usually through a ductwork system found in either the floor or ceiling.
If you are planning an indoor pool project make sure your builder and pool installer are aware of the possible problems from the start as this could be a massive cost incurred afterwards.
we will be happy to act as consultants on indoor pool projects, we have completed this kind of work many times and we would save you money by getting the project right first time.
We can supply and install calorex units and ductwork at dicounted rates.
Calorex variheat 600 900 or 1200 and also Delta units available
Feel free to call us with any queriers you may have.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Are We The Right Contractor for Your Project?

If your thinking of Installing an indoor pool either by extending your current house or by building a freestanding building within your garden, we should be the first contractor of choice.
We take on the whole project from start to finish and all the works are done in house by our own staff. This eliminates problems caused when two contractors are on site.
We have a very modern Architech who can design the build, obtain planning permision, then draw up building regulations. The build is then taken over by our team who have to pass your local councils building inspectors checks insuring all works is completed to a safe and correct standard. The same team is on site from start to finish.
We are always looking out for new projects in Essex, London & Kent.
feel free to call us with your ideas.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Should I Have A Concrete Or Liner Pool?

This one of the most common questions we are asked when we are quoting for a new pool.
In our opion the concrete or tiled pools are a more desirable option and you have the benefit of being able to heat a tiled pool to which ever tempreture you wish. Liner pools shouldn't really be heated above 80-83 degrees as it reduces the life of the liner and can cause wrinkling on the pool floor and walls.
You should expect a decent 30 thou liner to last around 10 years if looked after correctly.
Timescale and budget may be a concern as a concrete pool will take longer and cost more to install.
Most of the time the decision is made by budget concrete pools usually cost between 20 -30% more than a liner pool of tge same spec.
Which ever option you decide to opt for you can enjoy many years of fun in either pool.

Kelly Contracts & Southend United FC

Kelly Contracts are proud  to sponsore Southend United player Harry Crawford.
We are hoping for lots of goals from the 18 year old striker this season, We wish Harry all the best.

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Intrested In Building Your own Pool?

Decided to Build your own Pool?
So you have decided to build your own pool, here are a few basic things to consider.
1 Time.
          Different factors will determined how long your build will take, i.e. size and depth of pool, location of pool and type of pool you are constructing, and also how many people will be on site at any given time.
2 Mess & Damage
          Any kind of building work can be messy, dig a hole in the garden throw a heavy down pour into the mix = mess. We have experienced every kind of weather building swimming pools and every different season has its good and bad points. Building in the winter everything takes longer to set and protection from the frost is vital. In the height of the summer render and screeds go off to quick and need protection for the sun. Be prepared to allow for different seasons and what the weather can do to hold up your project.
3 Costs
          Planning is absolutely vital, we pretty much have our costs down to a T, but don't forget we have been in the business for over 20 years now and still the odd spanner gets in the works. Here's the normal things  that we encounter and may help you to avoid.
Soil expands to about half it size again when its excavated so allow for extra skips, machinery hire and time.
When pricing materials don't use the cheapest builders merchant even if they have the same materials as the bigger merchants. We have priced the materials then when we come to order them they haven't got them in stock and you end up buying them from the bigger branch anyway. price from the dearest merchants and if you can save money when your doing the project great.
Always haggle to get the best deal remember your building a big project, use this to negotiate in your favour.
are you using sub-contractors? If so consider getting a price from them rather than paying them by the day. If a bricklayer tells you the job will take him 4 days allow 6.  (To add insult to injury the same trades man usually finish on time when they are on a price.)
There is a saying in the building industry 'You can budget for anything...Once your out of the ground'
So be prepared, we have come across running sand, air raid shelters, tree stumps, cables, rock, chalk, and on virtually every project in Essex water.... and lots of it!
I'm not trying to scare you off the idea but forewarned is forearmed!
We can be with you every step of the way if needed.
We can supply every thing you need from sand and cement to liners and tiles. Call us to discuss your requirements.
We can act as consultants advising you or your builder on exactly how to install your new pool we can offer over the phone advice or site visits which ever you prefer.
Good luck, its worth it in the end.