Saturday, 12 February 2011

Intrested In Building Your own Pool?

Decided to Build your own Pool?
So you have decided to build your own pool, here are a few basic things to consider.
1 Time.
          Different factors will determined how long your build will take, i.e. size and depth of pool, location of pool and type of pool you are constructing, and also how many people will be on site at any given time.
2 Mess & Damage
          Any kind of building work can be messy, dig a hole in the garden throw a heavy down pour into the mix = mess. We have experienced every kind of weather building swimming pools and every different season has its good and bad points. Building in the winter everything takes longer to set and protection from the frost is vital. In the height of the summer render and screeds go off to quick and need protection for the sun. Be prepared to allow for different seasons and what the weather can do to hold up your project.
3 Costs
          Planning is absolutely vital, we pretty much have our costs down to a T, but don't forget we have been in the business for over 20 years now and still the odd spanner gets in the works. Here's the normal things  that we encounter and may help you to avoid.
Soil expands to about half it size again when its excavated so allow for extra skips, machinery hire and time.
When pricing materials don't use the cheapest builders merchant even if they have the same materials as the bigger merchants. We have priced the materials then when we come to order them they haven't got them in stock and you end up buying them from the bigger branch anyway. price from the dearest merchants and if you can save money when your doing the project great.
Always haggle to get the best deal remember your building a big project, use this to negotiate in your favour.
are you using sub-contractors? If so consider getting a price from them rather than paying them by the day. If a bricklayer tells you the job will take him 4 days allow 6.  (To add insult to injury the same trades man usually finish on time when they are on a price.)
There is a saying in the building industry 'You can budget for anything...Once your out of the ground'
So be prepared, we have come across running sand, air raid shelters, tree stumps, cables, rock, chalk, and on virtually every project in Essex water.... and lots of it!
I'm not trying to scare you off the idea but forewarned is forearmed!
We can be with you every step of the way if needed.
We can supply every thing you need from sand and cement to liners and tiles. Call us to discuss your requirements.
We can act as consultants advising you or your builder on exactly how to install your new pool we can offer over the phone advice or site visits which ever you prefer.
Good luck, its worth it in the end.

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