Saturday, 12 February 2011

Should I Have A Concrete Or Liner Pool?

This one of the most common questions we are asked when we are quoting for a new pool.
In our opion the concrete or tiled pools are a more desirable option and you have the benefit of being able to heat a tiled pool to which ever tempreture you wish. Liner pools shouldn't really be heated above 80-83 degrees as it reduces the life of the liner and can cause wrinkling on the pool floor and walls.
You should expect a decent 30 thou liner to last around 10 years if looked after correctly.
Timescale and budget may be a concern as a concrete pool will take longer and cost more to install.
Most of the time the decision is made by budget concrete pools usually cost between 20 -30% more than a liner pool of tge same spec.
Which ever option you decide to opt for you can enjoy many years of fun in either pool.

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