Friday, 18 March 2011

Calorex Variheat

The main problem with indoor pools is the amount of condensation that the pool generates. The solution is to always keep the ambient air tempreture in the room hotter than the pool tempreture and this should eliminate the pool from evaporating and reduce condensation.
We would recomend using a Calorex Variheat, these units can be built to heat the pool water, heat the ambient air tempreture in the building, and dehumidify the room all in one.
The units are usually specified at the start of a project but we have known them to retro fitted to existing pool buildings. They draw air into the unit then desperse the air usually through a ductwork system found in either the floor or ceiling.
If you are planning an indoor pool project make sure your builder and pool installer are aware of the possible problems from the start as this could be a massive cost incurred afterwards.
we will be happy to act as consultants on indoor pool projects, we have completed this kind of work many times and we would save you money by getting the project right first time.
We can supply and install calorex units and ductwork at dicounted rates.
Calorex variheat 600 900 or 1200 and also Delta units available
Feel free to call us with any queriers you may have.

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