Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Safety Cover

We are in the process of designing a swimming pool safety cover that completly conceals the pool and would allow paving, grass, gravel, flower beds or even a log cabin or building on top.
Not only will this keep the pool completly safe but will offer the very best insulation. This will keep heating and chlorine costs to an absolute minimum.
The cover will be a hard cover in one two three or even four peices depending on individual requirements. As the pool could be completely hidden this may encourage clients to install pools where before they may have chosen against the idea because the pool would be taking up to much room.
Indoor pools could be converted to dance floors while out door pools could be patios or playing area.
We are offering an opportunity to have a cover installed at a fraction of the cost for our flagship project.
Simular products are available and selling for over 100k!  We are looking for a client who is intrested in the concept and we could offer this at a fraction of the costs.
Call today on 0203 2397758 to register your interest.

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